The joint stock company INEKON TRAMS under the INEKON GROUP specializes on the production, modernization of trams and on the construction of tram tracks. We have excellent expertise for these activities: a team of experienced designers and project engineers, background of the controlling export company and a production capacity in the town of Ostrava. Thanks to these, we are able to effectively control costs and flexibly respond to customer requirements concerning delivery terms as well as design and equipment of trams.

INEKON TRAMS was created as a joint venture of the INEKON GROUP holding with the service and repair center of the Ostrava Mass Transportation Agency (Dopravní podnik Ostrava DPO). In the beginning it was active under the name of DPO Inekon (since 2001). After Inekon purchase the remaining participation of DPO in 2005, it became the sole owner of the company and renamed it to INEKON TRAMS.

The business strategy of INEKON TRAMS is based on an extensive production cooperation and component purchase. The production remains the basis and the background is formed by technical and human capacity of the original service center in Ostrava.

Production quality is guaranteed by the certification of quality management system ISO 9001:2000. The quality of project and design documentation is guaranteed by the company Kolejova doprava s. r. o. which is also a subsidiary company of INEKON GROUP.